Our goal is to build a community of people and positive news


We are a steadily growing network of experts working in a range of media, including professional journalists, authors, filmmakers, technicians and IT specialists from all over the world. We offer both German-language and English-speaking online services (more languages will follow); all addressed to
the general public. 

Our goal is to build a community of people who are interested in positive change in society by discovering, disseminating and sharing ideas that are sustainable and can be replicated. We are also guided by Agenda 2030, which aims to achieve a “good future for all”; through its action plan, which covers all the countries of the world. The implementation of this plan will be decided


Share our positive stories and chat with us about them.

Email us your stories about worthwhile initiatives and sustainable projects: contact@brightsightglobal.com

We will email you back with templates and style guides. You can send us your pictures, videos, stories, text or podcasts. We can also help with the implementation of short and advanced training programs.


We are happy to talk with you about the BrightSight Story you’re reporting on. For internal communication we use virtual conferences. In addition to mobile and video
conferences, we also plan to introduce web conferencing in order to work together on the quality of our reports.

Training (online-offline)

We aim to promote quality on the web. Our stories need to be well researched and narrated clearly and accurately. They must conform to our formats and be produced in accordance with our style guide. To achieve this, we have a team trained to work both online and offline. The training was assisted by the non-profit organization TOP: Talente e.V. They are project wise financially supported by “Vor Ort NRW”;, the LfM Foundation for Local Journalism gGmbH. This training enables us to report accurately about good projects across digital media, including the use of moving images, properly formatted for social media and the web.

BrightSightGlobal does not run for profit and aims to become a non profit organisation