Helping ex-migrants

What do you do if starting a new life in another country does not work out? A Malian organisation takes care of ex-migrants who return to a home without prospects.

100% organic

India has always been one of the world leaders when it comes to sustainable food practices. Now they make a step further and go fully organic.

Australia: chatting and fighting loneliness

Homeless people need laundry and showers, but also a judgement-free conversation. This is what the charity Orange Sky provides in Australia.

Help comes from the sky

How do you reach people in need of blood and medicine if the roads aren't in good conditions? Zipline operates the world’s only drone delivery system at national scale to send urgent medicines, such as blood and vaccines, to those in need – no matter where they live.

Resisting a war in Syria: the story of the Souq Al Dayaa market

The war in Syria has destroyed many lives and places, but this organic market resists and opens every Saturday

Nanotechnology against pollution in Peru

What would you do if a place where you used to go as a child was polluted? The Peruvian scientist Marino Morikawa revived the polluted wetlands of El Cascajo in 15 days using nanotechnology.

Organic farming against malnutrition in Paraguay

In Paraguay, villagers of Punta Pora tackled the malnutrition caused by soya cultivation by learning how to do organic farming.

Fairtrade bananas can change lives

When you are at a supermarket, do you ever think about the working conditions of the people who cultivated the bananas you want to buy? Lidl Germany did.

Indonesia: reducing child mortality

In Indonesia, they managed to achieve a reduction of 66% in child mortality in 25 years.

Medellín’s urban transformation

Two decades after being considered one of the most violent cities in the world, Medellín, in Colombia, has experienced a deep urban and social transformation.

The largest floating library in the world

The ship “Logos Hope” is the largest floating library in the world. Since its founding, in 1970, it has visited 150 countries and was visited by approximately 45 million people.

Karate Grannies: self-defense in Kenya

Learning karate is a really important form of self-defense for elderly women who are targeted by sex offenders in Kenya.